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Butterfly Dampers

Control Equipment Butterfly dampers can be supplied for either light weight applications such as small baghouses and stack draft control or heavy duty heat recovery and air quenching applications.

Butterfly dampers provide excellent control or isolation. Where temperatures are not prohibitive, our elastomeric disc edge seals provide ultra low leakage even in applications with heavy particulate

Design/Performance - Construction Options

  • Heavy duty welded channel or structural angle flanges with standard ductwork patterns or ANSI 150# matching drilling
  • Welded or bolted disc to shaft attachment
  • Through shafts
  • External bearings
  • Adjustable packing glands
  • Seals for shutoff to 99.75% of flow
  • Available with electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or manual actuators
  • Refractory lined for operating temperatures to 2000° F

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